Wilton 5 Benchtop Spinning Swivel Base Vise Anvil Bench Clamp Vice

September 13, 2019

Best Vises Top 5 Products360° swivel base with double lockdown for quick and easy positioning. Wilton 5 benchtop spinning swivel base vise anvil bench clamp vice rubber pinch point safety guards. It is made of ductile iron material. Designed for general duty applications. We strive to provide excellent customer service for all buyers around the world!


Klein Tools 200 Amp Hook Meter Ac Dc Volt Multimeter Clamp Ohm New

April 2, 2019

8 Best Clamp Meters 2017 Klein tools 200 amp hook meter ac dc volt multimeter clamp ohm new outdoor outlet best prices on quality camping and hiking gear. Klein Tools 200A AC Hook Meter CL3100 AC/DC Voltage. This item can be shipped worldwide. The hook meter automatically selects voltage or current based on what is being measured.